ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
 Proven Reductions in fuel consumption & fuel use.
 Proven Reductions in particulates and regulated hydrocarbons.
 When you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

The ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
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Heavy Equipment Fuel Savings Generators Fuel Saver used by Police fleet Fuel Saver used by Schools

The ECO System® for your application
ECO #2 is for engines up to 5L.
ECO #4 for diesel engines under 400 hpr or gasoline over 5 liter.
ECO #5 for Diesel over 400 hpr.
ECO #7 for Diesel and Natural Gas fuel lines of 3/4" in to 1 and 1/2" inches in diameter.

Sample Installation of an ECO-5
Installation between the fuel filter and the engine. Fittings available.

Installation of an ECO-7

Oil Field Services
Request a copy of the data for a 13.4% savings over a test of 70,000 miles on multiple trucks.

Fuel and Regen Study on 20 EMS vehicles Click for large view.

Clean Air Initiatives
ECO System Fuel Enhancer provides a cleaner burn and reduced harmful emissions. You can do your part, and save fuel at the same time.

Calculation Spreadsheet
Download this spreadsheet and log your miles and gallons to get your MPG averages.

KXAN News features police department saving with ECO System

ECO System® Fuel Enhancer Product Description
Reduce emissions, including particulates, and improve your fuel economy with the ECO System.

How it Works is the official overview from the inventor, manufacturer, and manufacturer's representative.

Congressional Recognition for ECO Systems® customers
Congressman Rubén Hinojosa of Texas and many more.

Reduce regulated hydrocarbons from the air, and save money. Our products are proven to be excellent.

ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer Presentation
See Our New Presentation
Covering all the basics, plus 10 reasons not to buy.

ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer Quick Reference:
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School Districts & County Governments
The ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer is being used by several County & City Governments, on everything from squad cars to heavy equipment, and many school districts have been using it for years.

Cobra Clean Degreaser
The best degreaser we've run across has been a side product of ours for many years, mainly selling to fire departments and aviation, and we are expanding the marketing for it.

News Videos

About our Averages
Our averages are based on Real World Testing by our customers. Commercial customers, School districts, County government, City government, and Consumers.

This data has been accumulated over the last 13 years. Lab tests help explain some of the physics of the ECO Systems, but in-service testing has been the only method that proves the technology. Your vehicles, Your data, Your fuel and Your driving, thus giving you your real results, and money in the bank, not the fuel pump. The better test protocols involve make sure that good historical data is available, then installing 5 units (for a fleet customer) and not telling the drivers. Record fuel consumption, regens, and other metrics over a few weeks. Nine times out of ten, there will be a fuel savings - many times it's considerable.

Drilling Rigs saving 150 gal/day
ECO-5 for large engines

The larger the engine, the faster the ROI. Installation is not complicated.

school buses using eco systems fuel enhancer to reduce emissions and save fuel

school buses using eco systems fuel enhancer to reduce emissions and save fuel

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