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2008 Dodge Truck 2500 (using an ECO-4)
3/4 ton 6.7 liter Cummins Turbo Diesel Truck data to date (12/11/2008)

Overall - after being installed, it appears the truck runs smoother and we have had no problems with the emissions control system at all - (BlueTec Ultra Clean Diesel System) - in the past, the Oxidation Catalyst and Particulate Filter (DPF) would begin to "fill up" when not running the truck at high speeds - example - idling or going very slow around the ranch pulling the "feed" trailer - the Powertrain Control Module in the past would display warnings because at low speeds the system was not burning the Particulate matter trapped in the filter system. This has stopped, and the engine appears to be running with less "matter build up".

Mileage, after install - remember this is overall and includes pulling trailers etc., city, highway and country road driving
Tank One - 19536 fillup, 19883 = 347 miles, 32.51 gl, 10.68 mpg
Tank Two - 19883 fillup, 20295 = 412 miles, 32.90 gl, 12.53 mpg

Overall I think the mechanism is a good product and would recommend it.
David Monnich, Development Strategies, San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio Office & Retail Development Projects

Here is a post on that describes the problem in more detail. The ECO System device is keeping the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) from filling up on the Cummins Turbo engine.


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