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The ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
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Toyota Pick-up

To the ECO Guys, My name is Joe Martinez and I first came in contact with your product in 1999 with the San Antonio Fire Department where I work at. At that time we were testing your product on our fire trucks and EMS units to reduce emissions. I finally purchased a unit in 2000 for my Toyota Pick-up and it is still running GREAT today. I used to have problems with the carburetor and rough idling and my mileage was decreasing. After installation of the ECO #1 on this 4 cylinder I have not had any problems with my carburetor, the rough idling is gone and my mileage is back up again. In fact she’s never run this good! I have seen many of our trucks that smoked pretty bad clean up with your systems. It also helps the environment for cleaner air. I recommend this product to everyone.
Joe Martinez


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