ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
 Proven Reductions in maintenance costs.
 Proven Reductions in particulates and regulated hydrocarbons.
 When you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

The ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
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ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer Product Description

The ECO System Fuel Enhancer (the ECO) saves fuel and reduces emissions.

How It Works
The short answer - it appears to raise the vapor pressure of fuel, and provides a cleaner burn. It is not heat dependent.

Can you prove it works?
Yes. And we will help you run your own test. Over the years, we find that shops need help structuring a proper test. It's not complicated, but requires diligence, and actual engine running time under normal conditions. The 15 minute test won't tell you anything. The two week test ... more.

The ECO Fuel Enhancer has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and reduce regulated emissions with gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, and others. Calculate the potential savings. The use of E85 requires special tubing.

Each ECO System is powder coated steel, from 5.25 to 6.25+ inches long, and from 1 to 1.5+ inches in diameter. Patented internal components made primarily of copper. Tested to 10,000 psi. The unit is installed inline between the fuel filter and the engine, though it can also be placed anywhere between the fuel tank and the engine. Fittings can be custom fabricated from parts, or one of many Installation Kits make it much easier.

Engine Size
The ECO has been demonstrated to save fuel on engines as small as portable generators to the very large. The ROI on large continuously run engines can be almost instant. For specialty applications, it's important to run tests to make sure.

Expected Service Life
The ECO is warranted for 5 years, but has no moving parts and no consumables. It will likely last longer than the vehicle.

Installation A picture is worth a thousand words.

For many years, Emissions Technology LLC focused on schools and cities. We have many schools that specify an ECO on any new bus, and many many police cars and EMS units using them.

We have expanded our reach, and now market to the trucking sector, the mining sector, the generator sector, oil services and drilling, farming, and many more. If it burns hydrocarbons, more than likely we can help reduce emissions and improve fuel use.

Cost and Return on Investment
The calculator will help you work out the numbers. If your engine consumes much fuel, the ROI is days or weeks.


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