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 Proven Reductions in fuel consumption & fuel use.
 Proven Reductions in particulates and regulated hydrocarbons.
 When you can't breathe, nothing else matters!

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ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer save fuel and reduce emissions.
The device acts as a vapor pressure enhancer.

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Powder coated steel, from 5.25 to 6.25 inches long, and from 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter. Patented internal components made primarily of copper. Tested to 10,000 psi.

It goes in-line between your engine block and fuel line. Your mechanic can usually install it in a few minutes. Read More See the See Installation Kits for large photos.

The ECO Fuel Enhancer has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and reduce regulated emissions with gasoline, diesel, propane, and others. Calculate the potential savings.

School Districts
8 Buses. 4 Month Test. 26% Savings
Click Here for Full Report (pdf)

Latest News
Fuel Performance International is a new distributor
Ford F350 Diesel w/ 008 kit
Thomas Bus w/ Cummins 5.9L
A Truck Driver's Story (pdf).
Awards from the DOE, Clean Cities, Air Victoria, ...
Horry County, SC 6-Month MPG test (pdf)

New Videos - Dyno Tests
Mercedes Benz CL230 has 11% Improvement
Chrysler Town and Country has a 16.5% ...

School Districts
City Government
Trucking Companies
Countless Individuals ...

All doing their part to reduce emissions and save fuel.

eco-2 with installation kit

It goes in-line between your engine block and fuel line. Your mechanic can usually install it in a few minutes. Here are dozens of examples. Use the fittings in our installation kits to save time and money.

5 Liter engine, or less
Small trucks, most passenger vehicles, ATV, motorcycles, generators, and most engines under 5 liters. Installation kits are available for most applications.

5+ Liter engine, up to 500 hp
Full size pickup trucks, school buses, long haul trucks, heavy diesel engines, and off-road equipment. The Chevy Duramax, Ford 6.4 Liter require ECO-4 due to fuel line size. Installation kits are available for most applications.

500+ hp
Heavy equipment, including large generators, and earthmoving equiment. Installation kits are available for most applications.

See dozens of actual installation photos.

Used by NASA, City & County Governments, School Districts, Law Enforcement, Trucking Companies, Commercial Bus Operators, Fleet Managers, and thousands of satisfied individuals, the testimonials and product reviews speak to the success of our product, as do the tests by independent labs and by our customers.

ECO Installation Kits

Installation Kits
Fuel Lines and Fittings
ECO Fuel Enhancer installation kits are assembled by Alamo City Hydraulics, with top quality fuel lines, and fittings. Fittings are sourced from companies that manufacture them for the industry. Call Alamo City Hydraulics at (210)334-3000 if you need any custom fittings for your ECO Fuel Enhancer, or if you don't see a kit that makes sense for you.

Buy It
We are the manufacturer, but you can purchase a unit from our distributors and dealers. We are working on getting a complete listing and map of our retail dealers. In the mean time, contact us, or visit our distributor page for the nearest source.

If you aren't sure of the fittings, that's OK. Just describe your vehicle, make, model, engine size, and other details, and your ECO-Systems dealer can spec the correct fittings.

Qualified Mechanic
The ECO Fuel Systems Fuel Enhancer goes in-line between your fuel line and your engine. Only qualified mechanics, who know how to work on an engine fuel line, should install the device. Most installs can use one of our kits, and do not take long.

Natural Gas Applications
natural gas efficiency
Natural Gas - Boilers and Fixed Engines

Custom ECO Fuel Enhancer
For commercial boilers and special large applications, contact us, and we can help you.

1The ECO-2 or ECO-4 replaces the ECO-3

2The ECO-2 replaces the ECO-1


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