ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
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 Proven Reductions in particulates and regulated hydrocarbons.
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The ECO Systems® Fuel Enhancer
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Trucking Fleets and Owner/Operators
Included below are a few photos our customers have sent us of their trucks and their installs.

It's hard to appreciate the dollars saved when a truck is saving from 6% to 15% on fuel, but any of our O/O can tell you down to the mile what their savings are. For fleet customers, it's on the balance sheet, and is a big number.

We get lots of questions about how to install the ECO - well - here is a photo album with lots of different truck installs. You will recognize your engine.

Trucks Using ECO Systems Fuel Enhancer

An O/O. Second unit installed.

Entire fleet of TruckNationTransport equiped with ECO-Systems.
Reports an increased mileage and 3/4 to 1.2 mile per gallon.

John Yow Construction has equiped his fleet of trucks with Cats, Cummins, and Internationals,
He reports his return on Investment is 30 to 40 days per truck.

Torres Ready Mix reported his truck quit smoking, Smoother throttle response and less downshifting.

1st Truck Choice is reporting a 7% increase in fuel economy on his Peterbilt with a Cat engine.

Gerardo1968 Owner/Operator on reported Reports that his truck has never gotten the mileage he is seeing now. Very happy with performance and mpg.

Amigos Meat Dist. is installing the ECO units on their entire fleet. 3/4 to 1.2 mile per gallon increase on their Cat Engines.

Brad Baker - Owner/Operator on The reported his average mpg went from 6.8 to 7.7 mpg. That is a 13% increase in fuel economy.

Circle Bar A Trucking has installed the ECO's on their entire fleet of Trucks.
They have Cats, Cummins and Internationals and have reported increased mpg and less downshifting on hills.

Dorado Transportation has tested the ECO #5 on their Cummins engines and reports they are very impressed with their mpg increases.

Neville Trucking. Owner/Operator on reported "My seat of the pants smile-o-meter is in the green range!" and "I am becoming a believer."

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